2011-09-05 Will DietzAdd missing pdl prototype header. master
2011-09-05 Will DietzDon't attempt to rebuild Makefile with autotools, this...
2011-09-05 Will DietzPDL support (set orientation, etc), and netplay support!
2011-09-05 Will DietzCommitting old changes... this one is playing with...
2010-05-19 Will Dietzup version to 1.3.0
2010-05-19 Will Dietzfix launching, re-add missing assets v1.3.0
2010-05-19 Will Dietzappinfo.json: fix formatting
2010-05-19 Will Dietzupdated for pdk, but doesn't launch?
2010-05-19 Will Dietzadded 'Makefile'--since configure doesn't work.
2010-01-08 Will Dietzupdated binary, game images. v1.2.0
2010-01-08 Will Dietzfire overlay is always on, stationary. fixed glitch...
2010-01-08 Will Dietzremoved joystick-center from overlay, better images...
2010-01-08 Will Dietzdisable cacheing of files--seems to break setting persi...
2010-01-08 Will Dietzmake sure the 'fire' overlay shows for a frame
2010-01-08 Will Dietzupdated binary
2010-01-08 Will Dietztoggle overlay (orange+'@', aka '0')
2010-01-08 Will Dietzupdated binary, added images
2010-01-08 Will Dietzuse special 'fire' image, and it follows your finger
2010-01-08 Will Dietzreduced x sens a touch
2010-01-08 Will Dietzfull overlay support.
2010-01-07 Will Dietzadded overlay
2010-01-07 Will Dietzoverlay rendering code, and hooks to update it accordin...
2010-01-05 Rod Whitbysource code changes for 1.1.0
2010-01-05 Rod WhitbyLatest version from dtzWill v1.1.0
2010-01-03 Will Dietzapparently outdated binary, pushing v1.0.11
2010-01-03 Will Dietzadded sprint keys, jump zone on touchscreen (upper... 1.0.10 v1.0.10
2010-01-03 Will Dietzhigher resolution--matching the pre's, so no scaling...
2010-01-03 Will Dietz(import from my built up changes)smaller resolution...
2010-01-02 Rod WhitbyInitial version v1.0.9