descriptionSuper Nintendo Emulator for WebOS
ownerWebOS Internals
last changeTue, 23 Aug 2011 23:41:58 +0000
2011-08-23 Will DietzAdd 'sfc' to the list of file suffixes we check for. master
2011-06-27 Will DietzEnable LTO, although no measured performance improvemen...
2011-06-27 Will DietzUpgrade to 2011.03, statically link in libstdc++ again.
2011-06-27 Will Dietzre-built binary using updated build system.
2011-06-27 Will DietzFix popt's configure script to not fail when using...
2011-06-27 Will DietzUpdate Makefile to work with normal PalmPDK (no widk...
2011-04-16 Will DietzMerge branch 'drnoksnes_webos'
2011-04-16 Will DietzCleaning out the entire tree, tired of master not being
2011-02-25 Will DietzForce appropriate palm-package-age drnoksnes_webos
2011-02-25 Will DietzAdd confirmation being resetting the game. v1.0.4
2011-02-25 Will DietzIncrease tap tolerance to 15.
2010-12-17 Will DietzIntroduce 'tap tolerance' to better detect taps on...
2010-11-09 Will DietzAdd debug CFLAGS for testing.
2010-09-30 Will DietzFix scandir and rom char* memory leaks (small).
2010-09-29 Will DietzAdded skin 'jsonh'.
2010-09-27 Will DietzFix y offset in rpgfull skin, so it's centered properly... v1.0.3
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