descriptionA bootloader config tool for WebOS devices.
ownerWebOS Internals
last changeTue, 6 Sep 2011 11:01:06 +0000
2011-09-06 Chris J (cryptk)adding in mount-tokens option master
2010-12-08 Eric GaudetAdd restore-tokens to restore tokens from token-backup...
2010-12-08 Eric GaudetFix token writing, gen must = 1 in token header, at...
2010-12-08 Eric GaudetFinished token writing and moved old files to OLD/
2010-09-12 Eric GaudetFix double free bug
2010-09-11 Eric GaudetAdd --set-token, --print-all
2010-09-11 Eric GaudetFix set_env
2010-09-11 Eric GaudetFix set_env and print_tokens
2010-09-11 Ryan Hopeset env not working
2010-09-11 Ryan Hopecleanups
2010-09-11 Ryan Hopemore merging, printing mostly works
2010-09-11 Eric GaudetAdd tokens support
2010-09-11 Ryan Hopestart combine into 1 app
2010-09-11 Eric Gaudetpuffalasadas
5 years ago master