BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Thibaud-linphoneMakefile: simplified (& fixed) arch-dependent targets, fixed a long-lasting d...Thibaud Gaillard5 years
doctor_14refactored the makefiles for palm stuff to make it easier to upgrade palm ver...Mike Gaffney6 years
masternavit: update svn r5337Malte Schröder3 years
sdl_to_pdkmaking sdl now depend on doctor 1.4Mike Gaffney6 years
x_fullFirst progress towards full xorg-server. Builds! No screens found, though (a...Will Dietz5 years
TagCommit messageAuthorAge
0.7.1-7commit 619c4b8b30...Malte Schröder5 years
stable-2010-03-14Stable build Rod Whitby6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-01-05navit: update svn r5337HEADmasterMalte Schröder
2013-01-03navit: update svn r5334Malte Schröder
2012-12-13navit: fixup osd images 2Malte Schröder
2012-12-13navit: fixup osd imagesMalte Schröder
2012-12-13navit: update svn r5287Malte Schröder
2012-10-03navit: use refresh instead of menuMalte Schröder
2012-10-03navit: fix typoMalte Schröder
2012-10-03navit: add missing imageMalte Schröder
2012-10-03navit: fix permissionsMalte Schröder
2012-10-03update to svn r5243. Adjust layouts and syn vehicle profiles with upstreamMalte Schröder


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